Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Pick of Sessions at the MMIS conference : Evening Receptions

The MMIS conference will be filled with sessions about changing health delivery models, improving efficiencies and so on. I guess I do my pick up of the must attend sessions. My conclusion : Evening Receptions :).

I hope organizations and sponsors take this in the right spirit and enjoy the read.
Anyway I am disappointed since I will be missing the Sunday Nite Special from Unisys. There Company Logo could easily have been misread as 'Just Imagine it is Done'.

Well on Monday my organization CNSI sponsors the evening. It continues to come out with some theme every year at the conference and this year it chose after a series of choices : Arabian Nights. I guess given the current global political situation, I just smile at this choice.

Tuesday Evening is the Day of the Goliath of the Industry: EDS. And yes they chose to send us to do some team building at the San Diego famous zoo. I guess it is time we learned to collaborate and team build with other species.

And on Wednesday evening the other industry stalwart
ACS wants to say enough on this earth lets take the USS ship to a distant land where no man has gone before.

I know all organizations will put a great show, entertain the attendees and establish good networks and there is always positive to come out of all of this. After all we are all social animals and it is good to break some vendor barriers and enjoy the evenings. I hope I am not excluded from these evenings after these comments and see you there :)

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