Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day1: Eventful Day at the MMIS Conference

As the first day wrapped up it is time to look at things that caught attention from everyone. To start with none of the attendees got their registration backpacks. The story behind that is interesting to say the least. The bags were being imported (what happened to made in USA) and they could not clear the freight dock stuff since there were certain things in the package that were not documented. I guess they need to compensate us or send us bags by mail as and when they are released.

The sessions were interesting. The key note by Dr. Brailer continued to emphasize on Medicaid reforms by bringing in industry trends of pay for performance, outcome driven health care but once again failed to give any concrete next steps. I think it is high time people shared their ideas with something that is actionable within the context and constraints of our industry. Yes we need to breakaway from our industry constraints (political far sightedness, no innovative financial models to support changes) but a matter of another post and discuss thread.

EDS spoke on the Health Records space. Well they started with their commitment to that space by setting up a unit internally but ended up pitching their MMIS system.
CNSI started showing their R&D investment with their future release of eCAMS and asking for feedback from the industry (state and vendors). A unique approach to collaboration.!!!

I spoke in my session for Breakthrough in Medicaid Communications. The attendance was average given the multitude of sessions. I assumed we did OK but not exceptional and for sure could have done better. There were some interesting questions around measuring effectiveness of outbound communications.

Anyway the stand out event of the day was the Arabian Nights evening. The dancer with snakes tied around their waists was the WOW moment. Yes, some of us were busy getting tattooed (Indian henna in beautiful and intriguing patterns) and there was one gentleman who had his company name written on his forearm. Now that is call dedication. Any challengers!!! Yes CNSI once again will stand out with this evening reception. They are definitely committed and dedicated to be the different and being the best in whatever they do.

. More updates from other attendees at the conference later..

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